5 tips to make your working space prettier

Working from home, I like to surround my self with nice and happy stuff. Here are some tips for you, to make you working space or your home desk a nicer place. Let’s get started!

1. Ceramic mugs or glasses


You don’t have to buy a boring pen holder to collect your pencils and colors, you can use a ceramic mug or glass for example. I have one decorated with Sumikkogurashi dressed like sushi that makes me smile every time I look at it and one decorated by me with a cat face. You can buy them here and here.

2. A wooden sign with your favorite quote


Is nice to have right in front of your eyes your favorite quote or a sign that sign your territory. I have this “Welcome to my little home office” in wood, with a light metallic hook, that I bought some time ago at a local shop here in Berlin. You can find a lot of them also online on Etsy.

3. Colorful flags


I have to confess, I’ve got an addiction for flags! There’s a thread of flags also in my sleeping room. Where ever I see small, cute, colored flag I feel happy. Grab yours on Etsy or at some local shops.

4. Containers


My cat Godzilla loves to destroy paper (yes she’s a cat, not a dog) that’s why I can not live without containers to store my illustrations sheets. I’ve found these ones at Ikea and I’m so in love with the colors. Buy yours here

5. Little helpers


I like everything that is cute and joy full and since I needed a mini vacuum cleaner for the rubber dust I’ve decided to adopt an elephant, but you can choose between a pig and dog on E-bay

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