My top 5 favorite illustrators

Today I want to tell you about my favorite illustrators. This is almost like a tribute post because their work inspires me everyday and I have to be thank full because I’ve learnt a lot from them.
Are you curious? So let’s start!

Mark Conlan

Mark is an Irish illustrator. I love his style because is really unique and fresh, I can’t find one Mark’s work that I don’t like. And look at the colors he uses, just amazing!
I like to follow him in Instagram, he’s always really kind and replies to comments and messages sharing techniques and suggestions. You have to follow him and look at his Instagram Stories too, they are always extremely interesting and inspiring!
Here you can find Mark’s website, go check out his amazing work!


How can I describe Frannerd? She’s the one that made me wanna start with the illustration. I love her style so much, she’s addicted to pink and has two crazy cats just like me! Fran Meneses is a Chilean artist that works with watercolors and digital illustration. Her comics are also really funny. You can learn a lot from her because she has a YouTube channel and shares many tips and tricks about being an illustrator. Don’t miss her on Instagram and if you want to have a look at her website and blog, here’s the link. Oh! And she has also an Etsy Shop with really cool stuff.

Oliver Jeffers

Another Irish artist. Oliver Jeffers makes me dream with open eyes. His style is so poetic and his picture books for young children, they are all so amazing! I love how he draws the characters, in a simple way, with few lines, but they are so expressive and beautiful! One picture book of him that for me is just brilliant is “The day the crayons quit“. Look at that crayons, aren’t they lovely? Another one that I really like is “The heart in the bottle“, so moving! Oliver is also a painter, but I prefer him as children’s books illustrator. Here you can find his website.

Marta Altés

Marta is a Spanish artist. She started as graphic designer but then decided to study illustration in Barcelona. Marta has written and illustrated mostly of her books, she has already published 15 books! In my personal childre’s books collection you can find “My New Home” and “The king cat“. I love her style so much! Her drawings are so happy and positive that they always make me smile! Find more about Marta Altés on her website.

Julia Bereciartu

Last but not least Julia Bereciartu (aka Juliabe). She’s another Spanish artist also coming for the graphic field. Juliabe draws mostly with Watercolors and Gouaches but also digitally. I love how she illustrate girls, always so expressive and slightly curvy, they are, in my opinion, the perfect representation of the femininity. Have a look at her portfolio and you we’ll love Julia for sure!

So this is my top 5 but the list could be really longer than that! There are a lot of amazing artists out there! What about you? If you wish, leave me some names that I can’t miss in the comments down below!

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