Free May printable calendar

Hi guys! The time has come for you to get another free printable calendar, YAY! During these days I have got some nice feedback from you regarding the printable, especially kids are loving it and like to colour it as well and this can’t make me more happy. If you are going to print the calendar please take a picture and tag me on Instagram (@ilaria.ranauro), I would love to see it hanging in your home.

Now let’s see what’s going on in my work and life this month, shall we?
I started working on #the100daysproject, this is a free art project that takes place every day for 100 days and the progress are usually shared on Instagram. I choose to draw one different cat every day! As I love cats I wanted to choose a fun and enjoyable project. You can find all the cats I drew so far in the highlights of my account or just have a look at my Stories everyday to follow my journey. Who knows, probably at the end I will make a zine full of cats!

The integration to the daycare of my baby boy is running a bit slow, unfortunately we have been sick a lot of days and he still doesn’t get used to the new situation, so I have to be patient and wait a little bit more to be full time back to work!

As I told you, I want to run an exhibition for my ABC book “A is for astronaut”, and I have been offered a space in a language school for kids here in Berlin Friedrichshain. Next Monday I’ll go visit the school and talk to the amazing people who works there, so finger crossed!

I am slowly still working on my Etsy store, today I made a new shooting of the prints, so you will see some new pictures there soon. Also my YouTube channel is active again, here you can watch my latest video, soon I’ll shoot another one with a Q&A made of some questions I collected from you guys on Instagram, so please subscribe to my channel and you won’t miss it!

That’s it for now, thank you if you had the patience to read so far, here you can download the calendar.

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Please note that all freebies on my site are for personal use only, and may not be sold. Feel free to share this freebie, but please credit me and link back to this page when placing my images on your blog or social media. Please don’t link directly to the downloadable file, instead link back to the URL of this page. You are not allowed to use these for any other purpose than as wallpaper on your devices. Thank you!

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