24 To Xmas doodle challenge!

Hi everybody! Are you ready to draw while sipping on cinnamon latte and listening to Christmas songs? “24 To Xmas”, the Christmas Doodle Challenge is back!! Last year I launched this challenge on Instagram and it was really appreciated from my followers, so I though about doing it again.

For the people that don’t know how it works here you have a list of Christmasy things to draw everyday during the Advent, so from the 1st of December until the 24th.

You can use whatever media you prefer to draw, take a picture of your daily work and post it on Instagram, just remember to use the hashtag #24toxmas2019 and tag me @ilariapops so I can see your drawings!

I thought about posting it now so you can have some days to get ready, maybe you want to think about the colour palette that you are going to use or want to prepare the sketches before hand.

So who’s in? Let me know in the comments! 🤶

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