Where did you study illustration?
I am a self-thought illustrator. I graduated in Graphic Design in Rome, some classes were already about illustration back then. When I was a child, drawing was all I wanted to do, but then I ended up working as graphic designer for 10 years. In 2017 I realised that I had to pursue my vocation and the dream I had, that is why I choose to change my path and become an illustrator.
Where do you work?
I work in my cozy home studio in Berlin, my colleagues are two cats!
How do you work? What is your favourite media?
I mainly work digitally. I like to sketch my drawings with coloured pencils, then I use the iPad or my Cintiq to trace and colour them.
Do you take personal commissions?
Yes, I can make family portraits, social media avatars and wedding invitation, but I am open to listen to your ideas! Just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help.
I have a small business, would you draw my logo?
Yes, I worked many years as a graphic designer so I have a lot of experience with logos, fell free to write me a line. Please read the “How much do you charge?” section below to know more.
I am an author, would you like to illustrate my children’s book?
If you are a self-publishing author and you want to hire me as the illustrator, you can contact me and I will send you a quotation. Please read the “How much do you charge?” section below to know more. 
How much do you charge?
I don’t have a fixed price list, no illustrator has it. It depends on the project. In order to offer you a precise quotation I need the following information:
- How many illustrations do you need?
- What is the usage of the illustrations? A book or magazine cover, billboard, greetings card, poster, app?
- The area of use or territory. It has a major effect on the price charged if the licence is granted for only one country or if the work is to be used worldwide.
- Duration of Licence: a licence agreement usually states the time given for usage of the particular artwork.
- Your budget.
- Deadline: when do you need your illustrations?
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