How are you doing my friends? 💖Unfortunately this damn pandemic is effecting also my little business. In fact it is difficult for me at the moment to ship worldwide. The only country I can reach for now are: Irland, Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany and Uk. It is not a personal choice, it's just because the German Post are clearly not allowing us to ship everywhere. That is why I thought about creating a new section with Printables!
Printables are digital files (usually .pdf) that you can easily download and print at home.
 No physical item will be shipped and the cool thing is that you can print it over and over again. Isn't it great?
At the moment you can find two colouring books, a puzzle and a memory game that are perfect activities for staying at home children (Suggested children age is 2-7 years old)
The Animal Paper Notes are also available, you just need to cut and glue them to decorate your favourite planner, calendar, scrapbook, you name it, with these adorable notes.  
You can go visit the Printables section here. I really hope they can bing you lots of joy or at least a smile! 😘
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