Illustrated book written by Amaranta Leyva published by Penguin Random House Publishing Group.
"The superheroines face their most challenging adventure: the unicorns from Unicorn Island have escaped, and the super-duper heroines, Best Friends Forever, Ali and Azul, must acquire new powers to bring them back! Of course, that is, if Chiki's anti-powers, their declared anti-superhero and archenemy, allow it. The spoiled and tantrum-prone Chiki played a masterstroke: she turned the sweet and gentle unicorns into enemy zombies of Super Ali and Super Azul, and they transformed one of them into a baby unicorn almost impossible to rescue. But all is not lost; the superheroines will have new allies: the unicorn tamers. Together, using the power of friendship, they will wage the final battle with rainbow poop launches. (Yes, you read that right, rainbow poop!)​​​​​​​"
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